FoL  Astrology is committed to giving back and I'm so happy you are part of this journey!

Giving Is Receiving Project

Each year FoL Astrology will donate a percentage of all profits to a special cause. Gifting yourself with an astrology consultation that supports your own growth and well-being simultaneously gives back to those in need. See below the passion projects you've helped support and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our "Giving Is Receiving" project!


COMING SOON: Our 2nd Annual "Giving Is Receiving" Project

FoL Astrology wants to build a community that has meaning and is dedicated to the idea that giving IS receiving; because together we are better and together we can help lift each other up. 

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2022 Chosen Recipient

Awake in Love 

We are excited to announce that over the next year WE (meaning FoLA + YOU) will be supporting Awake in Love as our newest passion project recipient! 

Awake in Love consists of a group of volunteers on a mission to build a community that supports high school graduates as they transition onto adulthood. In their weekly spirit circles they hold a safe space to connect, grow and empower themselves. They focus on supporting personal growth goals, mental health and wellness needs and are dedicated to connecting young adults with community resources. 

Learn about their mission and new happenings @awake_in_love and consider joining their monthly new and full Moon public circles (via zoom).

1st Annual "Giving Is Receiving" Recipient ~ August 2021

Lily's Hope for Kindness

In honor of Lily McClish, Lily's Hope for Kindness was created by her mother, Molly, as a passion project committed to spreading kindness. They are dedicated to educating families, schools and communities on how we as a community can better support our children through the adolescent suicide crisis we are currently facing.

FoL Astrology is happy to support this project in honor of Lily McClish, a kind, loving, bright light gone too soon. 

You can find Lily's story, resources, education and more at

August 2020

Flower of Life Astrology inception

In today's world, everyone seems to be seeking a more fulfilling and purposeful life. FoL Astrology's mission is to thoughtfully provide support, encouragement and inspiration through challenging times as they help guide each client back to their own inner knowing and the answers they are seeking.