Healing with Flower of Life Astrology

The astrology horoscope is the heartbeat of Flower of Life Astrology as it shines a light on what a person has come into this lifetime to experience. This awareness alone can help shift a person's life. But if you are still feeling stuck in a circumstance that won't budge, it can be life changing to explore the limiting beliefs and negative emotions holding you back. When you shine a light on these patterns that no longer serve your highest potential and give your unconscious mind permission to shift them, you will be able to create lasting change in your life.

In the Guiding Light Consultation we will use energy healing, hypnosis, time line and/or NLP techniques to help shift the unconscious patterns holding you back. We will work with the unconscious mind to replace the limiting beliefs and negative emotions with beneficial habits and thoughts while the energy healing balances the physical and emotional body. Combining these tools become the silver bullet allowing the mind, body and spirit to more fully align. This approach guides you back to your own inner light as it is within this inner light you discover the resources needed for lasting change.

Book a 30 minute complimentary consultation today to determine if this service fits your needs. 

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DISCLAIMER: Flower of Life Astrology takes no financial or legal responsibility for any decisions made based on the information given in a consultation. Any reliance placed or action taken based on information given in astrological or life coaching consultation is at the client's own risk. In no event will Flower of Life Astrology be liable for any damages incurred as a result of action taken by the client based on information received during a consultation. Please contact a licensed therapist or physician if you are struggling with severe psychological challenges or health issues requiring medical attention. If you need help finding a licensed professional, please email me and I will do my best to help you find a referral.