Healing Services

Channeled Light Energy Healing

Receive energy healing from the comfort of your home!

A distance/remote Channeled Light Healing session is an easy and effective way to receive energy healing for any issue in life. This session includes 30 minutes of energy healing sent to you at a scheduled time - you choose any convenient time to receive the energy. Over the course of the week the healing will integrate and you will notice your issue(s) lessen or completely dissipate. A 15 minute check-in phone call will be scheduled within the following week to discuss how you are feeling and if next steps are needed.

Note: Energy healing is a modality used in a Guiding Light Session and does not need to be booked separately.


Guiding Light Consultation

Sometimes we just need a little extra light to find our way. 

Astrology alone can help shift a person's life. But if you are doing the astrological remedies and still feeling stuck in a circumstance that won't budge, it can be life changing to explore the past life karma found in your horoscope along with any limiting beliefs and negative emotions you carry with you. This 90 minute Zoom session takes the astrology a step further and focuses on allowing the body, mind and spirit to more fully align through Time Line Therapy™ and energy healing modalities. These tools help guide you back to your own inner light - it is within this inner light you discover the resources needed for lasting change.

One 90 minute Zoom session that takes the astrology a step further and incorporates a variety of healing modalities to support you on your journey. This session will help identify the patterns no longer serving your highest potential and locate the inner resources needed to achieve your goals. Energy healing can be incorporated into this session as well providing a well rounded healing experience! Book a complimentary 30 minute initial consultation below to determine if this service is right for you.

Note: Although useful, an astrological consultation is NOT necessary. Read more about the GLC modalities HERE. 


Channeled Light Energy Healing
Monthly Package

Navigating a challenging time in life and need a little extra support?

Consider purchasing this monthly package and receive 1 session FREE! This package includes four 30 minute distance Channeled Light Healing sessions delivered at a scheduled time over four consecutive weeks - you choose a convenient time to sit, relax and receive the healing energy from the comfort of your home. Zoom calls are optional. In addition, receive TWO 15 minute check-in telephone calls within that month. Purchase as many consecutive months as you wish.


Guiding Light Consultation
4 Session Package

This package includes a 30% DISCOUNT on 4 Guiding Light Sessions!

The modalities used in the Guiding Light sessions are designed to work at the unconscious level. When we work with the unconscious mind it allows our life to shift rather quickly. But oftentimes we carry issues that can be a little more stubborn, particularly with the deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviors we carry through life. Purchasing this package provides ample time to really dive into the issue at hand and use all of the techniques available in the GLC!


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DISCLAIMER: Flower of Life Astrology takes no financial or legal responsibility for any decisions made based on the information given in a consultation. Any reliance placed or action taken based on information given in astrological or life coaching consultation is at the client's own risk. In no event will Flower of Life Astrology be liable for any damages incurred as a result of action taken by the client based on information received during a consultation. Please contact a licensed therapist or physician if you are struggling with severe psychological challenges or health issues requiring medical attention. If you need help finding a licensed professional, please email me and I will do my best to help you find a referral.