"Before my session I felt trapped/stuck not sure where to go or what to do. I suffered from extreme social anxiety and couldn't leave my house without having someone with me for support. After my session I felt light, free and very energized like I wanted to go out and go shopping - never had the overwhelming feeling that there might be a ton of people at the store. The next day I did go to the store by myself and it was the most empowering experience I’ve ever felt! Life changing! The feeling of independence is something I’ve never felt before and its a feeling I will never forget. I felt so comfortable and relaxed with you. Your passion and caring for someone you’ve never met speaks volumes."

Crystal G.

"Angie, the work that we did together on my timeline was truly life changing. For years I've struggled with overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame but your ability to connect with me in a safe and respectful way, without being pushy, that is a trait that I wish more people had. You knew exactly what to ask and when, it was like you could sense, even over the phone, exactly what I was feeling. The hypnosis track that you sent me that incorporated everything we talked about, that was awesome and it just reinforced what I already knew, that you were listening and that you truly cared. You really lived up to your title of being a "guiding light." I am so happy to report that all of that old stuff that I was hanging onto for so long, it's just gone. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. Also the Astrology Reading that you did for my wife's birthday, she loved it and it was probably the most unique gift I have ever gotten her."

Joy F.

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